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People are our business

Our company has always been about more than properties and rent checks. For nearly 50 years, people have been at the center of everything we do. We make decisions and do what is in the best interest of our residents, business partners and associates—always.

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Our purpose is to be the best place to live, work and invest in multifamily real estate.


To us, that means doing business the only way we know how—with trust, honesty and respect guiding everything we do. With integrity as our north star, we develop the strong, foundational relationships that drive our success and create unparalleled opportunities for growth.

By the numbers

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  Steve Testimonial

At JVM, our most important investment is in our people. Every decision we make is motivated by our desire to do right by our investors, employees and residents.”

Steve Boyack, COO

We put people first

JVM proudly celebrates nearly 50 years as the trusted name in multifamily real estate. With our history of success, and extensive experience in Midwest multifamily, we continue to lead the industry as we enter our 5th decade in the business.


Relationship-driven value

By prioritizing long-term relationship development with partners across our Midwestern markets, we get better insights, exclusive access and untapped market knowledge.


Investing alongside our investors

We believe our funds are the best place for our money as well. We co-invest with our partners, setting the stage for mutual success.


Hands-on involvement

We do more than raise capital. We actively manage our properties and teams in the field, giving us more control over outcomes and driving better results for all.

What to expect

Bringing a unique depth of expertise to multifamily real estate

Through a strong pattern of reliable performance, an experienced leadership team and our collective tenure in the industry, we have become a trusted name in multifamily real estate.

We aren’t easily distracted. By sticking to what we know, we have amassed a deep understanding of local markets that strengthens our business strategy and performance.

Our vertically integrated business model gives us oversight into the entire lifecycle of our investments. We are actively involved in every last detail—making it easier to do what is right and enhance our performance.

We have upheld a level of consistency and quality unmatched in the industry. We back up our intuition with data-driven insights that help us perform throughout all market cycles. Our results speak for themselves.