Multifamily Enthusiastically Plunges Ahead with Technology January 15, 2019

The apartment industry has long been stereotyped as being behind the technological curve. But as JVM’s Kortney Balas discusses in a recent Multifamily Executive article, that image is outdated.

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It’s Not Just about the Tools

Maintenance technicians need more than top-notch mechanical skills and knowledge. As JVM’s Kevin Villont and other industry experts point out in the November issue of units Magazine, they also have to be great at interacting with renters – or resident satisfaction and retention will suffer.

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The Importance of Tailoring Resident Communications

Today’s apartment residents all have very specific preferences about how they want to communicate with leasing staffs. That’s one of the points made by JVM’s Kortney Balas in an October units Magazine article that examines how to best connect with today’s prospects and residents.

“Residents are VERY vocal and specific about which type of information they want to receive via which communication channel,” she told the magazine. “You really have to listen to the customer and customize the experience, accordingly.”

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