Innovations Technology Keeping Great Associates in the Fold July 20, 2017

An apartment community can have an unbeatable location and a glittering array of cutting-edge amenities, but without a top-notch staff in place, its performance potential is limited. Only a knowledgeable, experienced and caring onsite team can attract prospects, delight residents and drive renewals.

How can multifamily companies create associate loyalty and retain high-performing onsite associates for the long-term?

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Multifamily Makes Great Technological Strides with Room for Growth

Just less than 10 years ago, many apartment companies were still typing leases on typewriters, keying in credit-card payments by hand and receiving leads via fax. But operators have made tremendous strides over the years in implementing technology that both improves their operations and enhances the resident experience. At the same time, however, areas for improvement certainly remain.

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