Investment Midwest Kansas City and Indianapolis Are Thriving Apartment Markets October 15, 2017

At JVM, we are firm believers in the long-term of the secondary and tertiary Midwest markets in which we own and operate communities. In recent blogs on our company website, Whit Annibali, our vice president of investments, shed some light on why we’re bullish about Kansas City and Indianapolis.

Regarding Kansas City, Annibali noted, “Kansas City isn’t necessarily a place that is firmly on investors’ radars. But with strong job growth and a healthy balance between supply and demand, this is a market that, with the right operator in place, has delivered consistently strong returns and is poised to do so well into the future.”

As for Indianapolis, the metro area “doesn’t feature the soaring rents and sky-high community sales prices you’ll find in the nation’s primary markets,” he wrote. “But over the long haul, it is positioned to deliver steady rent growth, strong operating fundamentals and higher cap rates – conditions that pave the way for higher yields and immediate cash flow.

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