Innovations JVM Realty Corporation Deploys Electronic Leasing with E-Signature May 6, 2013

Oak Brook, Illinois. May 7, 2013: Oak Brook-based JVM Realty Corporation announced today that their portfolio of over 7,000 apartment homes throughout the Midwest has completed the transition to interactive leasing websites and mobile portals with online leasing that accepts electronic signatures, placing JVM on the leading edge in the apartment industry in providing customers electronic lease signing convenience.

“We initiated this important project in the fourth quarter of 2012. Our timeline was to have the entire portfolio transitioned by the end of April 2013,” says, Mary Herrold, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at JVM Realty Corporation. “We knew that we were embarking on a monumental project, and our focus was adding a time saving service that adds value to our residents’ lives, and ultimately to our investors. Herrold partnered with JVM’s Director of Business Applications, Kortney Balas, to get the project over the finish line. “Kortney‘s expert knowledge of our property management software and the leasing process enabled the team to overcome challenges that could postpone completion or halt the project altogether.” said Herrold.

The process of accepting online payments and rental applications is widely adopted in our industry. However, the electronic lease execution piece has remained challenging and elusive due to the painstaking set up requirements. Many apartment companies have been unwilling or unable to introduce this functionality due to the set up challenges. “I’m glad we stuck with it. I think it adds value to what we offer as a management company and it certainly adds value to the lives of our residents,” said Herrold.

Since October of 2012, JVM has deployed a complete suite of marketing and leasing software tools that span the entire leasing life cycle from promotion to move in. An example of one of JVM’s new sites and its online leasing functionality can be seen by visiting “We may not be the very first to implement these services, but I believe we have a more streamlined, reliable process for delivery than most. The accomplishment was worth the effort.” The leadership at JVM Realty Corporation made the commitment and began with a four community pilot and has been steadily adding the rest of the portfolio at a pace of ten communities per quarter. JVM is proud to now have the entire portfolio fully transitioned to new marketing software including online leasing with e-signature. No small task for any company. “The response from our residents and Associates has been very positive,” said Herrold. “6% of our first quarter move ins were via online leasing and we only had half the portfolio live during that period. We anticipate this increasing exponentially as we move forward. People are saving time. Everybody wins. ”

JVM Realty Corporation is an Oak Brook, Illinois-based investment and management firm specializing in multifamily investments throughout the Midwest. Established in 1975, JVM’s portfolio consists of over 7,000 units.

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