JVM Partners With RealPage to Offer Video Virtual Apartment Tours January 30, 2021

On-property tours have always been the lifeblood of the multifamily industry. But virtual rental tours are gaining in popularity, making dedicated virtual tour software essential. For property management companies, virtual tools are helping them recapture the high-touch service the industry is known for while operating in our touchless COVID-19 world. That’s one reason for the software’s success. But there’s another: The customer is changing.

A more virtual, customer-centric industry

“The customer wants to be served up information faster,” says Kortney Balas, Vice President of Information Management at JVM Realty Corporation. “They want us to be able to meet them where and when they want to be met. They’re used to making decisions faster. They’re used to trying to fit life in where they can, because their schedules are much tighter today. Also, they are more comfortable with choosing an apartment virtually as opposed to going on-site. They feel as though the technology that’s currently available to them allows them to make those same kinds of decisions without seeing the site and physically experiencing the property.”

Continues Balas, “In our industry, we used to hold the reins when it came to giving appointments and tours. Now those roles have swapped out and we are allowing more customers to dictate how and where we meet with them. Virtual tours technology helps us meet their needs.”

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