Awards A True Asset: Caitlin Holtzapple Wins JVM’s James V. Madary Memorial Award February 20, 2019

It certainly didn’t take long for Caitlin Holtzapple to make a good impression on the leadership of JVM Realty.

Shortly after she joined the company in 2007 as assistant community manager of Hidden Lake Apartments, JVM CEO Jay Madary visited the Stow, Ohio, community. He asked Holtzapple to walk the property with him and quickly took note of her knowledge of the community and her enthusiasm for it.

“This makes me very happy because I can tell this is how you talk to our residents and prospects,” he told her.

Today, Holtzapple is a regional manager and oversees JVM’s four Ohio properties. She continues to impress JVM leadership as well as her colleagues. She was recently named the winner of the 12th annual James V. Madary Memorial Award. The honor – named for JVM’s late founder – is bestowed upon an associate who displays an “exceptional work ethic, dependability, loyalty, and teamwork.”

“While her traits match the award’s inscription, it’s her ability to be both straightforward and kind that sets her apart from the crowd,” said Jay Madary in his speech announcing the award winner. “It’s truly a pleasure working with her.

“She handles stress better than most and always has a positive attitude, which leads into demonstrating and modeling the JVM Fundamentals,” Madary added. “She is a true asset to JVM.”

Working Her Way Up

After serving as the assistant community manager at Hidden Lake, Holtzapple became the community manager of Dover Farms in North Royalton, Ohio, in 2009. Four years later, she returned to Hidden Lake as the community manager. Then, in 2015, she was promoted to regional manager.

Holtzapple says her current role has been a great fit for her.

“I really enjoy being able to be there for the associates at the communities I oversee,” she says. “I love being able to spend time with them and really getting out there and helping them. I work hard to establish real communication with my team. They can talk with me and tell me about the things that are working or that aren’t working, and then I can articulate that to the company and help make any needed changes or improvements. It’s very rewarding.”

JVM’s emphasis on open communication and employee input has always impressed Holtzapple.

“It’s one of the things that I really value about this company, the fact that our leadership doesn’t want to talk to just the service supervisors, the community managers, and the regional managers,” Holtzapple says. “They want to talk to leasing associates and service techs to really get a feel of what’s going on at the communities. I think that’s why this company has continued to grow and be successful.”

Keeps Her Cool

In his remarks announcing Holtzapple’s honor, Jay Madary repeatedly noted her ability to remain calm under pressure. Holtzapple attributes this ability to two factors.

“First, it’s thinking before you speak. My father always emphasized the Golden Rule: treat others the way you would want to be treated,” she says. “So I always try to take a step back in a difficult situation and think, ‘How would I want someone to speak to me and act towards me at this time?'”

Furthermore, Holtzapple tries to anticipate and prepare for stressful situations ahead of time. “You’re always looking at how things are going and trying to think, ‘If this happens, how would I react to that situation?'” she says.

Holtzapple unwinds from work by spending time with her family and reading mystery novels and true-crime books. Her husband, Brock, is director of IT at an oil-testing company. They have two children: their daughter Kelsie, age seven, and their son Gavin, age six.

“When I’m with my family, that’s our time, and I make sure work doesn’t interfere with that,” she says. “At JVM, they make sure that family comes first, and that enables me to balance young kids with a career that I love.”